So here we are.

by MW Cook

We’ve moved to Kunri now. Got a cute little apartment that you’ll have to come and visit sometime soon. We’re just around the corner from our old place, so we know the neighbourhood pretty well.

Typing here at the in-laws place. We probably won’t be getting any Internet solution in Kunri this year, but I’ll be here once a month and I’ll try to use cafes in Kunri. I’ll do my best to make sure this pretty blog doesn’t falter much.

Because of your patience I’ve decided to show you some lovely pictures:

Joe’s joining the Pakistani cricket team. Yay.

He loves that bird.

Ruth and Joe, hanging in the kitchen with the bird.

I can’t think of a caption for this one.

I think I have a beard.

Joseph certainly takes up a lot of pictures, eh? I guess he’s the cutest in the family.

Here’s a cute nephew named Peter.

And lastly, a group of tribal ladies who recently turned from idolatry. Pray for them lots.

Hope to blog soon, pray for us all!
The Cook