Rain, rain on my…buffalo?

Those of you who get my Emails may be aware that things are a bit tricky over here these days. The biggest problem is the flooding that’s been going on. Hard to imagine that an area with an average annual rainfall of about -2cm is now swimming. It’s rough for the people here. Houses are collapsing, crops and animals are dying. Apparently the city we’re in right now have been hit the worst. Hundreds of families here in Sanghar are homeless now. Pray for Sindh. The rain finally stopped today (we think) and the waters are draining. Here’s a shot of the courtyard after much of the water was drained.

God has been making himself sweeter than before in these last few days. I am terrified that sin will take me out of fellowship again sometime. I’ve been thinking about the absolute transcent worth of knowing God. I read a little peom Jim Elliot wrote about it.

What is this, Lord Jesus, that Thou shouldst make an end
Of all that I possess, and give Thyself to me?
So that there is nothing now to call my own
Save Thee; Thyself alone my treasure.
Taking all, Thou givest full measure of Thyself
With all things else eternal-
Things unlike the mouldy pelf by earth possessed.
But as to Life and Godliness, all things are mine,
And in God’s garments dressed I am;
With Thee, an heir to riches in spheres divine.
Strange, I say, that suffering loss,
I have so gained everything in getting
Me a friend who bore a cross.

I got no comments for that. Just silent prayers that God would take everything away from me and only give me Himself. I love how Christianity doesn’t promise riches, health, luck or stuff like that. It promises God. A reward of billions of dollars or hundreds of years of youthful life is far too little for me, I won’t be satisfied with it. I refuse to be satisfied with it. Give me God. Or I die.

Here are some pictures, for you lovely patient people. I don’t know when new ones will be up, my computer has taken a turn for the dead. Here they are:

Here’s Ruth’s maternal Grandma. I don’t know her name, we all just call her Noni. Lovely lady. Big teeth.

Joe’s practicing to be a bike rider. Go Joe.

Hello. My name is Joe. I work, in, the button factory…

We be jammin’

Joseph wants to be Stevie Wonder when he grows up…

Or maybe he wants to be a Buffalo Rodeo Rider.

Or maybe a miner…

And a nice picture of Sindhu (Paul’s wife), mom and John.

More may come later. For now watch and pray.