by MW Cook

You are what you…are

They encircle me with words of hate,
and attack me without cause.
In return for me love they accuse me,
but I give myself to prayer.
Ps. 109:3-4

If you have your Bible with you this morning please turn to Psalm 109. Do you have a footnote at verse four? I do. It says that the original Hebrew reads but I am prayer. I am prayer. He doesn’t say “I pray lots” or “I pray without ceasing” or “I devote myself to prayer”. “I am prayer.

It makes me think of a man that you walk up to and ask “Excuse me sir, do you pray?” He answers, “Do I pray? My friend I am prayer. I am the incarnation of prayer. The defining characteristic of my life is prayer, it’s what I’m all about. Take prayer away from me and I am a different person. I am prayer.” I think that is what David basically means. You wonder what was the most important thing in David’s life. What was the sine qua non of his existence? Prayer.

It’s like one of those secret agents who goes around saying, “Danger? Danger is my middle name, baby.” Prayer? Prayer is my middle name, baby.

When I read that this morning I was very groggy and certainly didn’t feel like my middle name was prayer. I think my middle name was slug at that time. I’ve often wondered how to make my body and spirit work together to get me into a position where I desire the things that will give me life. I’ve got a few clues, but I still haven’t figured it all out yet.

These days I think consistency is a key (there are a whole lot of keys to this lock). When I’m consistent for a few days everything seems to flow nicely. Until that first snag at which it all falls apart. You cannot be prayer without praying. To be prayer you need to be all about prayer. It needs to be that one thing that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Prayer, to you, must be like a firstborn son, a favorite duty, a spouse. When you consistently look at prayer like this, maybe it will help.

So pray for me and I’ll pray for you. One day we may say with David, “I am prayer.”

PS – More pictures!

Jenn and Jordan.

Jenn and Jordan with our dear friend Ambo. Ask them what his name means.

Malaria + 50 degree weather + Funny diet + Two great friends visiting = The above picture.

Joe chillin’ at the tomb of the founder of Pakistan. Chill well, young man.

More later!