by MW Cook

It’s where the heart is…

As I sit here with Joe in my arms, I want to five you a tour of our place. Come on in!

This is what you first see after walking up two flights of stairs to our place. There are apparently birds in that cage. If you turn left you can see…

A cute little kitchen from which we derive all sorts of yummy pleasures. We have a few too many lizards there, but it’s okay.

Walking throught the doorway in the first picture you come to our livingroom. It’s nice and Paki-like. The carpet was really cheap, I’ll tell you why later. Joe loves this room, plenty of space to play and the rug hurts less than the cement when falling on it.

Now picture yourself in the first shot. Turn completely around and this is what you see. A lovely halway thing with flowers and stuff. If you were to look up you’d notice that there is no roof in this section. Actually it’s really nice in the summer. What happens when it rains? Well, that doesn’t really happen often enough for us to worry about it. Let’s go up those stairs before checking out the room on the left.

The Roof. Lovely place. Nice and warm.

Enter the room on the roof and you find my classroom. It’s a real nice place to teach, hang out with locals or just sit and read. We also do our laundry in this room. Don’t ask how. Remember the picture of the hallway with the room on the left? Let’s go check that out now.

Yep, that’s our bedroom. Yep, there’s a fridge in there. It’s a little loud at night, but it’s the best place for it.

So that’s a little tour. I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll give you a few more pics because I love you all so much:

“Look at me, I’m in a bucket!”

Cute, eh?

That’s my father-in-law on the right, at a Marwari tribal convention. He’s pretty good with that thing.

And so is he.

And I’m done, enjoy the pics. More are on the way, Internet’s great these days.

Cook out.