It begins…

by MW Cook

As they walked over the grassy knoll they encountered a troll, the owner of said knoll and the source of the noise they had earlier heard. This troll was busy eating a mole who had the misfortune of sassing off to the troll. The mole was being eaten out of a dish looking very similar to the bowel Lassie would eat out of, Shane thought that the mole might give the troll gas. Shane took stock of the whole situation and realized the lyrical implications of it. A gassy troll was eating a sassy mole out of lassie’s bowl while sitting on a grassy knoll. As this realization hit, a classy gnoll walked up and stole the mole out of the bowl of the troll. They were about to engage in vicious battle, until they saw Shane’s trio and united for attack.

They dropped the mole and grabbed a pole the gnoll made a quick roll and the troll dug a hole that went down to Seoul. Shane screamed out “No more ryhming!” and lit his light-katana which he bought from Montana from a girl named Briana. He ran across the savanna, while the 9th wondered about the capital of louisiana, to engage in mortal kombat.