don’t tell you’re mother. .

by MW Cook

All of the sudden a shocking revelation overtook Shan. . .the little trio didn’t have a team cheer. He broke down in sobs of laughter until finally realizing there was only one solution. .-they had to make a team cheer. The 9th spake up in a cheery tone “free for all john deer’s.” Brilliant!

So with a brief regalement of the team cheer they all rushed forward in the direction of the noise, except barbjohn, who kind of just slithered/rolled painfully in it’s general direction. They briefly took stock of their weapons: Shan had his light Katana, that was good for one lab rat anyway; Barbjohn was, of course, completely defenseless; and the 9th had his trusty leaking battery (which actually wasn’t half as trusty as he made it out to be.) Realizing the hopelessness of ever overcoming anything but the smallest dirt-squirrel Shan and his party ran over the grassy knoll shouting “free for all john deer’s!”