by MW Cook

Where no man has gone before…

I was chatting with a neat Sindhi guy the other day. He looks just like William Shatner (except for being brown and all). I mean William Shatner today, not the lean and fit captain of 20 years ago.

So my buddy Will (certainly not his real name) is a wealthy Hindu doctor. I was invited to his house last week for a lovely pre-diwali feast. One thing struck me as soon as I arrived. His house is small, old and in disrepair. His doctor’s office is lovely with computers, ultrasound machines and such truck, but his house doesn’t even come close to matching his income. I wondered why. He told me before I asked. For the last ten years he has been working towards immigrating to Canada. He tells me he is putting no money towards his home in Pakistan unless is helps towards his future home in Canada. He is fully investing and banking on Canada. He sacrifices here for the hope of a better reward there. He’s wise. If her were to live in luxury here he’d be brought to poverty when he arrives in Canada. It’s easy to see a spiritual parallel here. Earth isn’t our final home, why do we invest here? Why do we spend money, time and energy on this little house that won’t last? People make fun of my buddy, Will, but when his work and discipline pay off he’ll be proved right, he’ll get his reward. Work for the food that never perishes, build up the home that cannot be torn down, put your treasure in heaven, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I bought some doves. A boy and a girl. I think we named them Ben and Melissa. Melissa has this habit of walking up to Ben and pecking him rather hard in the back of the head. Ben has the neatest skill of being able to swivel his head around and eat bugs out of his armpits. Neat, eh?