Trios, Elipses, and Brackets.

by MW Cook


So the three companions met early the next day at the foot of the great tree. Of course it took most of the day for barbjohn to remember who he was, where he was, which baseball team won the penant in 1963, and why his sandal was glued to his forehead. He happened upon the tree mainly because it was the biggest thing on the horizon that morning. A furious Shan let Gordan chew barbjohn’s ear while he himself attempted to help remove the sandal without a lobotomy (which I guarantee you was an option at this point { due to the brass chainsaw wedged into the ground nearby [which though rusty actually still functions properly ]}) In any case, after relaying to the writer how annyoying and grammatically incorrect his recent sequence of brackets is, Shan succeeds in ripping the sandal (and some scalp) from his sidekick’s head. The group wastes no time talking, since it would most likely end in a fight, or at least a barbeque. Instead they saunter (well barbjohn mostly tripped) toward the tree and climb up approximately fifty of its laboriously big branches before…