by MW Cook

A month and a day…
Yesterday Ruth and I had our tour of the maternity ward at St. Catharines General. It struck me today that in a month and a day I will be able to hold my child. In a month and a day I will see this child that I helped bring into the world. After that my life will likely never be the same. I’ll be bound to that child and have to sacrifice many comforts in order to care for it. I imagine there will be many sleepless nights and early mornings, dirty diapers, and scores of other things that I could never prepare for. Will it be worth it? Oh yeah. If I could go back in time and change anything, would I? No. In fact, not ‘no’, but ‘absolutely not’.

I really can’t wait. The day is drawing closer and closer. Did you know that the baby could be born today without any medical problems? That’s right, if there was an emergency and Ruth had to give birth today, the kid would likely be fine. Incredible!

A month and a day. Not a long time.

Please pray for us, things are happening now. Those who know us know what’s going down over these next two months. So much that has been planned for so long is now finally happening. Isn’t it wonderful how God is in the real world? How He really does real things in our real lives? The way He’s guided our choices and the way He’s taken care of every need we’ve ever had. What a great God.


PS – I realize this blog doesn’t have much of a subject. That’s okay though.

PPS – I say a month and a day for sentimental reasons, I know the child can come earlier or later. I’m still gonna say a month and a day.