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Bollywood Hits – Baazigar O Baazigar

Ever watched something so awkward that you had to turn away? I love Bollywood, but the title song from Abbas-Mustan’s 1993 hit, Baazigar (Gambler), nearly broke me.

As over-the-top-ridiculous as this song is, the film itself is a serious thriller that shook Bollywood with its dark anti-hero. It was a box-office hit and Shahrukh Khan’s breakthrough role.

Go figure.

Review: Mutluluk (Bliss)

BlissI devoted a lot of my time and limited brain power to this post. It’s been hard. Very, very hard.

I could write a hundred posts on this film. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating (too much). I could open it up and keep on analyzing it for years. I could talk about how I walked away from it a different person from who I was when I sat down to watch it.

I could look at it from a cinematic point of view and tell you about the ridiculously great acting and shots and score. Or I could look at it from an artistic point of view and tell you about the symbolism as each character chooses (or is chosen) to break free from whatever they break free from. Or I could look at it from an emotional point of view and tell you how the story woos, seduces and beds your soul, all the while both destroying and enlivening it.

But I can’t tell you any of that. I can’t give you a cookie here. To tell you about this film will dishonor it. I cannot tell anything but this: Watch it!

Get up, right now, and go to the nearest video store. Rent this movie. You’ll thank me. I promise.

On the cliff by the sea

var addthis_pub=”4a0af351783743a8″;I took Joseph out last night. We went to see Ponyo.
I was impressed. But not in the way I thought I would be.
Remember when Shrek first came out? And all the kids and adults loved it together. The kids loved it because it was a colourful, musical cartoon. The adults loved it because of its mature humor and deep content. Shrek was great – a film to bridge the gaps, you know?
Ponyo wasn’t like that at all. It think it’s thoroughly a children’s movie. There were no hidden jokes, nothing too deep under the surface. But I loved it.
It seems to me that children’s media has been turning toward the flippant and silly over the last few decades. Superfriends and Classic Disney is replaced either by shows that rest on mucas and bodily noises for their interest.
Joseph didn’t laugh much throughout Ponyo. But, boy, did he ever grin. He pointed and grinned when the hero first met Ponyo. He sighed and was sad when Ponyo was taken by the wave. He turned very serious when the hero lost his mother. He laughed and cheered when the movie ended and everything was made right. Ponyo gave him one of those ‘deep movie’ joys that you only get with a seriously well made movie. Joe doesn’t ever really get excited during Spongebob (he just kinda sits there with his mouth open). But he actually got joy from Ponyo. The same kinda of look he gets when he watches Superfriends (yes, we watch Superfriends – don’t knock it until you try it).
I wish there would be more films like Ponyo.
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