Matt W Cook

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Month: February, 2016

An uplifting Dhammapada for writers

Quieten your mind.
Nothing binds you, you are free.

You are wise.
You are free from desire
And you understand words
And the stitching together of words.
And you want nothing.

I want nothing.
I am free.
I found my way.
Whom shall I call teacher?

Adapted from Dhammapada 24

Marvelous wiggles

And you’d have seen the universe crack and the inter-dimensional tachyon fireworks that accompanied it, had your eyes been wired that way. But they aren’t. They don’t notice inter-dimensional tachyons. They only notice certain wiggles of light. Not many. But what a marvelous world we paint with those few wiggles.

Fake people, real problems

The Indian takeout was bad. We had to pause the Walking Dead to complain to each other. It was that episode where the pastor reveals he locked his congregation out of the church and they got ate, so there’s a bit of guilt there. Also the team beat a group of cannibals to death. Who had just eaten their friend’s leg. Who also died of a zombie bite.

But man that Indian food was bad!

Feeling like a kid

The surest way to feel like a kid again is to sit on an ill-fitting chair. It must be too small, so that your knees press against your chest, or too large so that your feet dangle or, worse, just barely reach the ground. That’s what being a kid feels like–nothing is made to fit you.